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Warrens Gorge


Dutchman's Stern





Drive along the Arden Vale Road to the Dutchman's Stern Conservation Park. This has a beautiful entrance following a creek bed. Allow time for walking or a picnic before continuing north to Warren Gorge.

  On Yarra Vale Road
Devil's Peak from Yarra Vale Road - photo Val Francis

Option Two


Drive through Yarrah Vale Gorge. Stop just over the crest for sweeping views of the ranges (Dutchman's stern on the left, Mt Arden straight ahead), and the mountain ranges beyond the Willochra Plain behind before proceeding to the Arden Vale Road "T" junction. Turn right into Arden Vale Road to Warren Gorge.

  Dutchman's Stern
Dutchman's Stern - photo by Val Francis
  Warren Gorge  

Appreciate and photograph the the stunning red cliffs, gums, fauna and flora. View the rare and endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby. This shy marsupial is often seen at dawn or dusk in the gorge.

The gorge is a camping reserve. It has pit toilets but no other facilities. Part of the reserve is private property, therefore, please respect it. Barbeques are allowed (except on Total Fire Ban days). Please bring your own firewood.

This area is excellent for a picnic or walking or just sitting.


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